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Hebrew Psalms on the Street of Peace

Bensheim-Hochstädten, December 5, 2010 / Chanukkah 5771

Press report about the Psalm Hike

Press article about the Psalm Walk in the local newspaper (BA)

Mrs. Weiland sings at the Street of Peace

Mrs. Weiland sings at the „Street of Peace”

Mrs. Weiland, Pastor Bauer and Thomas Zieringer

Mrs. Jana Stadelmann, Mrs. Weiland (2. chairwoman), Reverend Dieter Bauer, Thomas Zieringer (1. chairman)

Hike to the Memory of Peace Monument

A Hike to the Site for Peace and Freedom

Here arises the Memory of Peace Monument
At the emerging Peace Memorial, standing before the step at the monument's entrance: "Recognize the Holy in your midst"

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