Chapter: Development / Peace Memorial

Title pages of Jerusalem Post and HaAretz

On March 22, 2013 the (Jerusalem) Peace Memorial in Germany was inaugurated with an ad in Israel on March 22nd, 2013. At this moment, I was spending time with Jewish friends who live in Safed, Israel. They surprised me when showing me the newspaper. I had not reckoned on the size of the ad and the placement on the front page. We were happy (image). 

The advertisement shows the
Rose of Shalom in the center of the Peace Memorial. It is the symbol of my work. One day I would like to build another "Rose of Shalom" in Jerusalem as a connection to the Peace Memorial. The ad features a text – „The opposite of the Holocaust is in a sense the idea of Jerusalem” – that reflects the message embodied by the Peace Memorial. In the context of a collapse of civilization, the „idea of Jerusalem” is remembered.

The ad appeared on the front pages when US President Obama visited the state of Israel before the important Passover celebration. Internationally, the ad was even printed full-page on the back page of the magazine or on the back page of a title page. The moment of publication, the unusually large size, and printing it on the title page: all these elements expressed “Jerusalem’s” sympathy for the project.

Frontpage of Jerusalem Post - Israel

Frontpage of HaAretz

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